Green shoots but what of the UK's savers?

Low interest rates have helped the economy but the effects on savers have been less positive.


Reflecting on my corporate life in the light of the RBS decline.

Pyramid selling and the UK housing market

A strong housing market is good for the UK's economic health, but is there anything to worry about?

Over-complication or over-simplification

Is the financial services industry over-complicating things?

Treating customers fairly (TCF)

Applying the TCF test - it's not just good for customers

The 13 rules of leadership

Sometimes a day serves up so many lemons you just can't help getting sour, but some things can remind us of what is right

The ticking time bomb...

What can we do about the time bomb of interest-only mortgages?

Eking out the pennies...

Times are tough so people are looking for ways to eke out the month's money. Can mutuals help?

The pocket economist

Why generalist advice can't answer specialist questions

Classic oversupply

I've been thinking - does supply create demand or demand create supply?

Brick lorries on the M1

If it's true you can judge the state of the economy from construction traffic, a trip on the motorway has given cause for conc...

CEO World tour

I'm a poor traveller, so I was rather dreading my first trip to India. In the event, our people and the culture won me over

Doughnuts and crayons

How the Kent Reliance team helped Demelza Hospice Care for Children meet their extra costs for the Leap Day

Can you write a racy novel next time?

I have recently been fortunate enough to have a book published called "The Roundabout Has Stopped"...

How did things get so messy?

As I sat this Sunday contemplating this question, I was reminded of a story that, whilst amusing, explains some of the mess we...

One week in and loving it

Well, I arrived in Chatham on the evening of the 2nd January. It was raining and blowing a gale, the river looked pretty wild,...